How to Minimize Warehouse Rental Costs

There isn't anything such as a quick-fix with regard to warehouse optimization; however, there are certain steps management can take now to help you make a big difference in the future.

Consider these steps on how to minimize warehouse rental costs by evaluating possible renovations or implementing new processes.

Minimize error rates

This helps you save money and improve the general operation quality by reducing rates of error. You can produce some incentive for workers to minimize mistakes by posting employees names with the least amount of errors per week.

Clearly state what you expect from your workers

Your labor force is a huge cost factor in your operation; therefore, it deserves your attention. It’s important to make sure that your employees know what is really expected of them.

Obtain multiple quotes on your material handling equipment

You should shop around for the very best price and can save you huge cash. It’s important to create relationships with vendors which you can continually do business with, but you will never know if you’re getting the best price until you price-shop and then compare.

If you’ve a vendor you preferred, you can ask always if they can price match the next deal you’ve discovered. Comparing quotes can be very helpful if you will price out a new kind of equipment, to ensure you obtain a fair deal.

Consider a rental service or buy used equipment

It’s hard to get around replacing cost of equipment, so in addition to obtaining multiple quotes before you purchase, consider obtaining used equipment or even leasing equipment as another good way to reduce costs.

These options may not really be proper for each operation, however if you need a rental service on an infrequent basis, then save yourself in maintenance and up-front costs with our rentals.

You can convert to a high efficiency lighting

Wouldn't you love to cut down that electricity bill that comes monthly?

Chances are, your lighting will account for up to 80% of your utility bills warehouse, and you could dramatically reduce that cost by just updating your installations of light.

You can replace conventional metal halide light with fluorescent lights that use 50% less energy and their price can be recovered in just two to three years.