VIDEO: A Brief History of Social Media

by Brett Borders on December 28, 2009

Here’s a video of a short presentation I did on the history of social media. It traces the evolution of social media back from phone phreaking in the 1950′s, to the BBS’s and online services of the 80′s, to the real-time mobile web and social collaboration tools of today.

If you’d be willing to take a second to rate the video on YouTube, I’d really appreciate it!

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  • Anonymous

    It was good, I had already seen all this in one of your posts, but good for people who prefer video. Honestly, the thing that surprised me most was your voice; in my head you sound more like the guy in this video:

  • Brett Borders

    hahaha… nope… I don’t sound like Duffman… more like Michael

  • Ryan

    That was a neat summary of the growth of social media. Greta work and yes you sound like MJ ;)

  • Anonymous

    Awesome video and great presentation. Just found your blog via @DannyBrown. Look forward to learning more in 2010.

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  • BrettGreene

    This presentation was even better live, but I’m so glad that it’s on the intertubes to enlighten, inform and entertain the masses. You did your homework on this one.

  • Brett Borders


    ha ;) thanks!

  • Brett Borders


    I’m just fascinated at how… it continues to feel so “new” to everyone – even old technology heads who have been using it for 10 years or more… I think because it evolves so quickly.. like a treadmill… and we always stepping on a fresh patch.

  • Social Networking Software

    Thanks for sharing this video with us, makes me wish I was there.

  • Promotional Products

    Thank you for this video, light and fun; full of useful information. Grimm Reaper gets some laughs… love it

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  • Joshua Dorkin

    Awesome presentation, Brett! You are THE Social Media Rockstar!

  • shreya mehta

    Its a good history every social media consultant should have to see the history at least once!!!

  • Liz

    In my micro-econ class we’ve been assigned to do a 25 min power point presentation on “social media’s impact on supply and demand.” TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES!!!! Your video is helpful, but do you have suggestions on where to get that much info?

  • Brett Borders


    sorry, I’m not sure!

  • Jimi Bostock

    a nice way to take people on the journey, love the images, very funny

  • Enterprise Social Software

    Excellent video, this is a must watch for anyone who is “new” or just starting to learn about social media.