I am a self-employed, independent web marketing consultant. I take pride in doing personalized, custom work for clients who seek to engage one-on-one with a dedicated and reliable individual. Nothing is “farmed out” overseas or handed over a junior associate.

What You Can Expect:

  • That I will strive to fully understand your situation and give the best possible advice.
  • To receive excellent customer service.
  • To have your concerns addressed promptly.
  • Confidentiality at all times.
  • To get an excellent return on investment (ROI).

My Business Style:

There are two mottoes that govern my professional life:

1.) “Quality over quantity” - I’m not interested in becoming an Internet marketing “Wal-mart” or “McDonald’s”. I want to focus on doing the very best work for the very best sites I can. I believe that every business website is unique and it deserves a custom strategy – not an “assembly line” or “one-size-fits-all best practices” approach.

2.) “Under promise and over deliver” - Keeping my word is extremely important to me. In order to honor my committments to you and also to my other clients, I am very careful about what I’ll spell out and promise you. I will offer to do the minimum that I think I could deliver in the absolutely worst case scenario. Then, I’ll strive do more.

Software & Technology:

At Copy Brighter Marketing, we believe in using modern web tools to make communication and collaboration simple and efficient. Using modern web software allows us to focus the maximum time on activities that will directly increase your website’s profit margin.

  • I will manage our project in BaseCamp – a super-simple online project management system used by the world’s best agencies & Fortune 100 teams. BaseCamp is where we’ll discuss the details of your project and store all of the files (design drafts, notes, research docs) associated with it.
  • For collaborative writing and editing, I use Google Docs. You can login with a Gmail account and then you can see exactly what I am writing – and you can leave comments and make edits in real-time. There’s never a need to save files, hunt for files, track or accept changes, or e-mail dozens of versions of a document as attachments. Hooray!
  • For online meetings and training, I use GoToMeeting. This is professional online meeting software that will let you see my screen as we train and work together while we chat on the phone. It’s almost like being in the same room together!

All of these tools are very simple and each take less than 5 minutes to learn. As long as you have a computer that was made in the past decade, they’ll work fine. If you have any questions – I will happily offer you unlimited, personalized training and support for BaseCamp, Google Docs, and GoToMeeting.

Billing & Payment:

I accept personal check & PayPal (with an additional 2.9% processing fee).

I am constantly in discussion with potential clients about possible projects. Therefore, working on a monthly retainer basis allows me to reliably manage and schedule my time – and follow through on what I promise to you. If you decide you’d like to work with me, I will send you an invoice for the first month’s segment of the work we agree do. Once the payment arrives and clears, we are 100% confirmed. My time is reserved and blocked out, and new projects are not entertained.

For monthly consulting or on-going projects, payment for the upcoming month is due by the 1st. For copywriting projects that take less than one month, 100% of the payment is due in advance. Unless we have already established a good working relationship, there are no exceptions. I don’t have staff for billing and collections, so I prefer to keep things simple and spend the maximum amount of time focused on activities that will increase your profit margin.

For Copywriting Projects:

Contact me and tell me about your product. We’ll chat… I’ll ask some questions and try to answer yours. If I think I can write world-class copy (as good as, or better than you could likely find anywhere else) for you – I will quote you an exact cost and give you a deadline.

If you decide you want to work with me, I will send an invoice requesting payment for the first stage (the first 4 weeks) of the project. For smaller projects – such as a single web page or sales letter – I require entire fee up front. Upon receiving the check and it clearing, I will begin work on your project.

Copywriting projects are fairly predictable. First, you give me all the product information and answer all the questions I need to write the copy. Then, I do research on the target market and the competing products and figure out how to make yours stand out. The research part is about 70% of the time and effort that I put into the project – and the fee reflects this. The remaining 30% of the time, I spend writing and revising the copy. About a week before the deadline, I’ll ask for your thoughts on the first draft and take your feedback into consideration before finishing the final copy.

I am a professional copywriter, but not a professional proofreader or editor. I will check over my drafts before I send them to you, but it is your 100% your responsibility to have it double-checked and proofread before you send it to the press or put it live on the web.

I will make edits and revisions to the copy as long as they are specific.

Conversion rate optimization projects:

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) projects are a team endeavor. I will provide consulting, research, design and copywriting creative, analytics and testing guidance – along with professional project management. It is up to members of your team to make the changes and install the software that I suggest. One of the biggest factors that determine the success of the project is how well your web development team can implement proposed changes so we can test them.

There are two things that are required to make a conversion rate optimization project a successful one:

1. Commitment to change. If you’re not totally open and willing to make changes to your website in order to increase your profit margins, then our engagement will not be successful. I can only help companies that are convinced of the need to change, test and systematically improve their website.

2. Willingness to let your customers decide which designs they like best. There are some company cultures where design and marketing decisions are settled with lengthy debates and political battles. Other companies use speculation and “gut feel.” Conversion rate optimization is a radically different approach to choose designs based on scientific testing. We’ll show different designs to your customers and measure exactly how many respond. If you’re not willing to let your customers have the “final say” – then you might not be ready to try conversion rate optimization yet.

My CRO Methodology & Guarantee

Truly professional conversion rate optimization is a research-intensive, continuous project that takes time before you start to see results. I don’t do CRO “half-baked” or slap some pages up there off the top of my head: I follow the exact process that major online retailers like Dell, GoDaddy and Amazon apply to generate maximum profit from their own pages.

Therefore, I only work on conversion optimization projects with a contract. If you are not deeply impressed by the standard of service and the quality of insight you are getting from me, you can cancel anytime within the first 45 days. If you cancel, you will not be obligated to complete the rest of the contract.

I take a very research-intensive, flexible and response-able approach to CRO work. I will research your site and visitors and find all kinds of potential issues, snags and problems. Based on what I find, we’ll discover a multitude of things that should be fixed, optimized & tested to increase the conversion rate.

Since all kinds of issues come up, I cannot map out “exactly what will be done over 6 months” before we even begin. I may discover a major issue in the the first week that we all agree needs to be fixed, and it may take weeks to fix it. Or we may discover no major issues and plunge right into copywriting & running A/B tests.

I will commit to working on your website diligently and taking care of the issues – with the same care and attention that the web’s most recognized brands devote to their sites. If you need someone who follows a “boilerplate” or “best practices” approach – there are hundreds of agencies than can help you. Contact me if you’re serious about increasing your web revenue and are willing to do research + testing that big wins require.