Looking for a Great Copywriter?

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Dear Business Owner,

You’ve got a solid, valuable product or service that more people should try out.

So why aren’t you selling products and signing up new accounts at the maximum level you can handle?

Perhaps you haven’t found the right words!

Good copywriting illuminates – it beautifully accentuates your businesses’ most compelling & desirable features.

You need the perfect combination of words and images that explain exactly what you do at a glance… while subconsciously motivating prospects to try or buy it.

And my passion is finding “just the right words” to describe my clients’ businesses.

What Kind of Copywriter Are You Looking For?

There are many different types of copywriters to choose from: some write witty, “hipster” style ads designed to be ironic or entertaining to the client. Some do artsy full-page picture ads with a single sentence at the bottom (i.e., “Just Do It“). And some are more like PR gals, corporate communications specialists, resumé writers, grammar teachers or proofreaders.

Then… there are guys like me – part salesman and part psychologist – who specialize in writing clear copy that persuades potential customers to take action.

How Much Copy Does Your Unique Produce or Service Require?

When you contact me for a free copywriting consultation, one of the first questions I’ll ask you is:

How long does it take to sell it to someone in person?”

If you’ve got a simple product… like a rubber iPhone case… you might be able to sell it in less than 30 seconds. For this kind of product, the copy can be fairly short… and the cost will be less. But if it’s a complex product, like a web tool or a membership site… it might take you several minutes to sell it in person. Especially if it’s a new, groundbreaking class of product that most people in your market are currently unfamiliar with. In this case, the copy will have to be much longer to sell it effectively in writing.

Menu of Copywriting Services:

Copy Brighter Marketing is proud to offer the following copywriting services to discerning clients whose business success depends on top-notch copy:

Sales letters – The sales letter is a long-form letter designed to connect & engage with your prospect. It explains all the possible features and benefits of your product, while creating a overwhelming desire in your prospect to purchase it right now (!). It is also responsible for overcoming all the objections the readers will have that prevent them from buying. Sales letters work best for complex, nuanced products that require lots of explanation to “paint the picture” of what the prospect will get and close the sale. Since they tend to be long, sales letters must to be highly engaging in order to be effective. A good sales letter can never cross the line into grandiose hype or puffery. This would instantly kill the readers’ trust and also squash the sale.

Pricing: Call for details.

“Product Tour” Pages – this is the modern, online equivalent the sales letter. Rather than using screaming red headlines and gaudy yellow highlighting, a good product tour page has a sleek and stylish “Web 2.0” look that takes visitors on an enticing tour of how your product can solve their needs. It uses a combination of headlines + subheadlines, images, testimonials and graphic icons to drive home the key points and rack up the sale.

I will provide you with copy and a custom design layout that will bring out the best in your product.

Pricing: Call for details.

Landing Page Layout + Copywriting - a landing page is designed to give visitors all the information they need to take an action (fill out a form, enter an e-mail address, add the item to a shopping cart) at a quick glance. A good landing page has potent, compelling psychological copy and a visual design that draws the visitors’ attention to the most desired action for them to take.

Pricing: Call for details.

Video Script Copywriting- Video is becoming an extremely important part of the web — and many companies need help writing scripts for their videos. Just like the direct marketing TV infomercials are materfully crafted to create interest, desire and excitement for a product with carefully placed calls to action (“Order now!”) – the most effective web videos have a slightly different style that uses some of the same underlying principles. Don’t take chances with your next web video – hire a professional to make sure it covers all the essential marketing, information and persuasion points!

Pricing: Call for details.

E-mail / Auto-responder Series - The headlines and copy you use in an e-mail marketing campaign make a dramatic difference in the clickthrough and action rates. I use the 100-year-old, scientifically principles of direct response copywriting to make your e-mail copy sparkle and inspire immediate action.

Pricing: Call for details.

Product Label Copywriting – If you are developing a consumer product, I can write the product label & packaging information so that consumers will understand the benefits at a glance and want to buy it- right then and there. I am an enthusiastic consumer of natural medicines, nutritional products and herbal supplements… so I understand the market very well and can write for it.

Pricing: Call for details.

Trade Show Booth Copywriter – If you are investing thousands of dollars to display your company’s offerings at a trade show, you’ve only got a split second to make a lasting impression on the attendees. So many trade show booths have terrible headlines and haphazard copy – saying pointless things like “Enterprise Solutions” or “Business Widgets.” Copy Brighter Marketing’s trade show booth copy writing can make your booth stand out – stopping visitors in their tracks and reeling them in with the time-tested principles of direct response copywriting.

Pricing: Call for details.

Copywriting Critiques – If you have existing copy that is already written and you need some insight on where it could use tightening up – I’d be happy to critique it for you. I will go over you copy and insert notes and basic re-writes to make it more engaging and more effective.

Pricing: Call for details.

Tagline Writing Service – A tagline is a short, potent phrase that captures the essence of what your business is about – and brands it in the mind of the customer. I will craft a powerful tagline for you that will summarize your offering “in a nutshell” so that people won’t forget who you are or what you do.

Pricing: Call for details.

Headline Writing Service - The headline is the most important part of the copy. The headline selects the reader of your ad, blog post or article. If the headline is weak, your copy does not even stand the chance of being clicked-on or read… let alone making a sale. I have written some of the most popular headlines on the social web. I would be happy to use my experience and training to create the most potent possible headline for one article, letter or piece of content.

Pricing: Call for details.

Got Questions? Get Answers!

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