Conversion Rate Optimization

These days, there is a lot of buzz about search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. Everyone is eager to drive more traffic to their website.But most people don’t think about what happens after visitors arrive:

How many take action, sign up or buy your product?How many look for one or two seconds, get confused and click away?

Most business owners have no idea!

Copy Brighter Marketing can help you get a handle on exactly what visitors to your website are doing… and show you how to turn more random visitors into paying customers — without gaming Google or buying more ads.

“Small” Website Changes Can Make A Big Difference!

Changing the color, headline and design of this pricing page — just slightly — resulted in a 25% increase in sales with page B.

Here’s The Process in a Nutshell

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) sounds complex, but the core methodology is very simple:

  • Research and discover exactly where + why visitors aren’t converting
  • Make changes to your website that fix the problems & make it easier for visitors to convert


Advanced Web Tools and Scientific Tests Maximize Website Profits

While the core essence of CRO is fairly simple, you can’t afford to take chances or make guesses with your business website. You need to know exactly how a design change will affect your bottom line before implementing it.

Many CRO tools and split testing platforms have a steep learning curve if you try to figure them out on your own. But don’t worry! An expert consultant can take the pain out of optimizing your website… by training you how to use the tools and offering expert advice on designing & interpreting tests.

Scroll Reach and Visitor Attention Maps

This Israeli tool shows bands of color to indicate exactly how long visitors spend looking at different parts of your web page. If a certain paragraph or section of copy fails to captivate your audience, I’ll re-write it and re-test it for maximum engagement!

Shopping Cart + Conversion Process Funnels

This feature of Google Analytics shows you exactly where people bail out of your website’s sale funnel or checkout process. Using this data, I can very specifically correct and re-test the “weak spots” for improvement.

A/B Testing

This tool lets you create multiple variations of your existing page quickly without coding, and it records + tabulates exactly how your visitors respond to each different variation. You can then keep the winning variation and code it into your design permanently.

Monthly Consulting Program

If you are a small-to-mid sized company with an in-house team or access to a web developer, I can provide you with detailed strategies, advice and technical support on to grow your business. I use the exact same, scientific research + testing methodology that Fortune 500 companies and web giants like Dell, Amazon and Google use to squeeze the maximum profits from their pages.

I will provide software recommendations, training, copywriting, design wireframes and test plans – along with highly-professional project management. Think of working with me as outsourcing your conversion project to a manager who will guide, train and empower your team in the art of continuously improving and testing your website.

What You’ll Get: Comprehensive consulting, copywriting, usability + design wireframing work – with project management and unlimited support.

Investment: Call.

Comprehensive Website Evaluation

If you are just looking for some actionable ideas on how to improve your conversion rate, I am also glad to help you. For an affordable, one-time fee… I will analyze your website, make specific recommendations and present them to you in an one-hour online video presentation with live Q&A.

What You’ll Get: You fill out a one-page intake form with questions about your website, customers, traffic sources + business goals. Then, I’ll do a custom analysis of your website and presenting the findings and recommendations to you in a one-hour, online video presentation. I will send you a recording of the presentation for future reference.

Investment: One time fee of $599.

Got Questions? Get Answers!

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