• Brett Borders

    I just want to personally thank Reg for reaching out and helping me when I was just getting started in social media. He called me up and shared a lot of very valuable “insider” advice freely, and he never took on that elitist attitude that I have occasionally encountered when reaching out to other established users and figures in the technology scene!

    He’s a super nice guy.. and I’m curious to see where his social media adventures will evolve into!

  • http://zaknicola.wordpress.com Zak Nicola

    Great interview with Reg. He really comes across as an approachable professional, and as Brett mentions above, it is rare.

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ Michael D

    What I like best about interviews like this is getting to see people in their real world environment. What I like most about Reg is the way he engages in the community. He’s easy to contact, responds back, and isn’t blinded by an over-hyped ego. Thanks for the Reg, your work and inspiration is appreciated.

  • http://www.whereslumpy.com L2 Lumpy

    Reg moves content – which moves people. He always has no matter where he’s broadcasting from or to – I don’t quite yet know how he scoops all the great stories and articles, but I’m following the leader in the hopes that I can pick up a tip or two along his way.


  • Brett Borders


    Glad you dugg it! Going big and being humble is rare indeed. I’ve watched some people get too big, too fast and go sour.

    @Michael D,

    I started this blog because I was always curious about the people behind social media icons… Who are they? What do they do? What are they really like? Just like I was always curious about the people who painted beautiful graffitti pieces in the local parks, the ones that were real works of art… it always had a sense of mystery to me. I wanted to know “who are the minds behind those twinkling icons.”

    @L2 Lumpy,

    That’s what I’m doing too… following interesting people.. trying to get their best tips and the ‘creme’ of their insights.. .trying to integrate it into my own consciousness and workflow. It seems to be working. Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned for more knowledge downloads!

  • http://socialmediatoday.blogspot.com chris1234

    Excellent Interview Reg

  • http://craigarthur.biz Craigery

    What I like about Reg’s article is that he uses Social Media as an added platform for everything else. It isn’t strictly professional but he takes it seriously like serious gamers treat their MMORPG’s and so on. Reg knows how to work the social media realm and I certainly would love to hear more coming from this guy! Love your posts Reg, keep em coming!

  • Brett Borders

    @Chris1234 & @Craigery


  • http://www.blahblahtech.com/ Wayne Smallman (a.k.a. Octane on Twitter)

    Reg is amongst a select few really popular social media people who actually takes time to reply to people and isn’t too big to “step down” and follow people not occupying the same social footprint as himself…

  • http://www.seoptimise.com/blog/2009/02/stop-that-social-media-marketing-confusion-24-no-frills-smm-tips.html Stop that Social Media Marketing Confusion! 24 No Frills SMM Tips — SEOptimise

    [...] not rely on external services they can ban you, disappear any day or just lose their value for you. Socialize on several services with the same [...]

  • Brett Borders

    @Wayne Smallman,

    It’s really hard to do, I imagine… as when you start to grow even a moderate number of followers… you start to get immersed in the noise and all the signals being bounced around.

    Responding to everyone takes a lot of selflessness, diligence and patience.

  • http://www.expertsem.com Tarla Cummings

    This interview has been extremely helpful, considering I am somewhat new in the social media space. It can be difficult to wrap your head around the intricacies of each site and tool and how to use them efficiently, so thank you for opening up and sharing your expertise. I’m passing it along to the rest of my team :)


  • http://socialmarketingjournal.com Nick Stamoulis

    I personally use MIxx and I enjoy the user experience on that site. Been using it for a while and I think it is def. picking up speed and steam.

  • Brett Borders

    @Tarla Cummings,

    I really appreciate you stopping by!

    If you enjoyed this one, we have lots of interviews with other top social media marketing professionals: Marty Weintraub, Matt Inman, Wayne Sutton, Ross Borden and more!

    Subscribe and stay tuned for more! More good stuff is on the way… I promise!

  • Brett Borders

    @Nick Stamoulis,

    It’s good to hear Mixx is doing well. I was on there when it first started up but couldn’t find much action on there. I’ll most def give it another try!

  • http://sem-group.net Gerald Weber Houston search engine optimization

    Very cool interview Reg. I’m going to add Mixx to my list now. I have had it with Digg.com anyways. I’m going to go to reddit.com and possibly Mixx now because I have heard good things about Mixx. See you on Twitter. =)

  • http://www.dumbwhore.com dumbwhore

    Seems like if you’re trying to break into the twitter community you’d do better to tweet during the early and late hours of when other high level members are online. Your chance of getting into a conversation with an A list geek celebrity is better. Much like real life, chatting with a famous person is enough to catch peripheral attention. But trying to catch their attention is easier when there are less people tweeting.

    The more obvious part of all of this, is to have good taste. Seems like a lot of people cover areas they suck at and so they tweet really crappy stuff so no one listens to them but the other advertisers.

    Now back to my bong.

  • Brett Borders


    Great Twitter tips! Timing to catch the a-listers when they might have time to respond… nice!

    Enjoy your smoke!

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    [...] had the pleasure early this morning (just after midnight) of receiving a telephone call from Reg Saddler (@zaibatsu). We talked for over two hours. I was very honored to speak with Reg, as he is a true [...]

  • http://tanjents.com/unix-time-internet-players-tutorials-the-mojove-phone-booth/ t a n j e n t s d o t c o m » Unix Time, Internet Players, Tutorials & the Mojove Phone Booth

    [...] the internet players Meet Reg Saddler aka Zaibatsu Define: Zaibastu Japanese term for ‘money clique’ or conglomerate, and sometimes used in the [...]

  • http://www.annehaynes.com AnneHaynes

    Michael D I totally agree with you and being able to reach out and know that someone is there and it’s not just a machine, However, I’m pro auto follow, auto tweet and auto anything that makes “brand chatting” more efficient. IMO brands and companies don’t need to spend volumes of time behind Tweetdeck to be efficient. It’s amazing how settings on apps provide the easy button that we all SHOUT about.

    The social media landscape today is like a giant Facebook. From Harvard to the World!

  • http://www.dougmcisaac.com dougmcisaac

    Thanks for the interesting interview. It’s a great blend of personal and business.
    I’ve played around on Mixx, but based on this interview I want to go take a deeper look at it.


    PS SocialToo doesn’t do the autofollow messages anymore.

  • http://socialmediarockstar.com Brett Borders


    Let me know what you find about Mixx. I joined a year ago or so.. but haven’t checked back in there.

  • http://twitoaster.com/zaibatsu/epic-interview-wit-me-lol/ EPIC: Interview wit me: socialmediarockstar.com LOL – Twitoaster

    [...] hours ago EPIC: Interview wit me: http://socialmediarockstar.com/reg-saddl... LOL [...]

  • http://captainjack.tv CaptainJack63

    Great interview of Reg Saddler, Brett! Reg is a true twitter star. Nice to read about great people on twitter that are contributors to the community. I wish there were more sites that would rate tweeters by contributions and not by celebrity status. Top ‘Follow’ numbers really don’t show you that the person is worth following. It just says they are popular for some reason like movie/TV celebrity status. Reg and others like him should be on the top twitter list. I wonder if there is anyway to have these twitter listing sites change the way they list tweeters?

  • http://www.examiner.com/celebrity-headlines-in-denver/chrissy-morin Chrissy Morin

    You also help twitter folk with WordPress questions… I knew that but I didn’t know all this. COOL! I kinda know a ROCKSTAR! I haven’t joined MiXX yet, I’ll go and give it a try!

  • http://annelykengarner.blogspot.com/ Anne Lyken-Garner

    Great interview. I had no idea you were banned from Digg. You were really great there – their loss. I’m a new user on Twitter and this has given me some helpful information. Thanks.

  • http://socialmediarage.com/2009/08/13/social-media-playsets/ SocialMediaRage » Social Media Playsets.

    [...] The Reg Saddler aka Zaibatsu. Triple monitors, and beer in [...]

  • http://restructure.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/zaibatsu-was-a-hidden-black-man-on-digg/ Zaibatsu was a hidden black man on Digg. « Restructure!

    [...] black man on Digg. August 19, 2009 — Restructure! Zaibatsu, a.k.a Reg Saddler, is best known for being the #4 Digg user of all time (despite being arbitrarily banned from Digg since September [...]

  • http://topsy.com/tb/socialmediarockstar.com/reg-saddler-zaibatsu-interview Twitter Trackbacks for Reg Saddler (Zaibatsu) – Interview [socialmediarockstar.com] on Topsy.com

    [...] Reg Saddler (Zaibatsu) – Interview socialmediarockstar.com/reg-saddler-zaibatsu-interview – view page – cached Reg Saddler is the co-host of The Drill Down, a popular social media podcast, along with Andrew Sorcini (Mr. BabyMan), Muhammad Saleem and Lidija Davis. He is — From the page [...]

  • http://www.victusspiritus.com/ Mark Essel

    Groovy background interview of Reg, and I read some of this before or heard it in previous video casts. I appreciate the shares when their just outside of what I’d normally read over. I have a wide band input stream, but tend to thoroughly read through articles to gain a sense of understanding of a person’s point of view or a complicated topic. @Zaibatsu’s shares are often more sensational than my normal fare, but he does grab some amazing pics or obscure articles that make for an interesting read.

    Keep on scanning, and best of luck with your social media business!

  • http://my-bits-n-pieces.blogspot.com/ Alen4ik2003

    Thank you. Reg seriously seems like a very down to earth guy who really knows what he is doing and is wiling to share it. Its hard to find people today who have gotten to the top and are willing to share and let the new ones learn first hand! :) Look forward to more great posts .

  • http://www.selfinlight.com/ michele meiche

    really like this. very good info & user friendly. also a peek into your world and why you are a “RockStar” lol
    seriously, one of the better interviews/info sharing i have read in a long time.
    the approach was user friendly, usable & not hard edged.

    take care

  • http://ModelSuppliesBlog.com ModelSupplies

    So great to get to know you a little better, Reg! Still a RockStar & still relevant! I would like to also thank you for being a down-to-earth friend. It is a pleasure to help you tweet causes. You pick important ones!
    Anita @ModelSupplies

  • http://socialblade.com/show/2010/02/18/twitter-powerhouse-zaibatsu-talks-twitter-and-everything-else-tomorrow/ Twitter Powerhouse Zaibatsu Talks Twitter and Everything Else Tomorrow

    [...] Reg Saddler (Zaibatsu) – Interview [...]

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