The Most Valuable Social Media Skill for 2010

by Brett Borders on February 17, 2010

If you enjoy the content and conversation here at Social Media Rockstar, I invite you to subscribe to my new blog about online reputation.

Why am I going to the effort of publishing a whole new blog?

Because I’m 100% convinced that managing and improving your ( clients’) online identity — or online reputation management – is the most important and financially lucrative skill a social media professional can have in this new decade.

Online reputation management (ORM) requires learning a combination of advanced SEO, PR and social media skills that are worth top dollar in today’s competitive market. And subscribing to my new blog will give you a powerful, inside edge on the best practices of this fascinating new industry.

Social media is fascinating and fun. But when it comes time to write the checks, most execs and companies still continue to see Twitter, Facebook and videos as expendable “creative luxuries.” In contrast… companies absolutely need a good online reputation to thrive & survive — and they know it. So they are willing to budget for online reputation consulting without skimping or flaking.

That’s why I plan on publishing so much informative and high-quality content about online reputation management (ORM) in 2010. If you’re a serious social media consultant, PR pro, or SEO… you can’t afford to be in the dark about about the vital topics and discussions that are happening over at Online Reputation Edge.

I’m still planning monthly updates, interviews and social media tips here at Social Media Rockstar. And because I’ve really enjoyed the fantastic connection and conversations with with my loyal readers here, I really want to keep in touch with you over at my new blog also.

So please take a quick second to pop on over to Online Reputation Edge – and subscribe via RSS or email – before you jump off onto a Firefox tab or get sucked down a Tweetdeck vortex.


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  • Glen Allsopp

    Best of luck with the new site, Brett.

  • Gaia

    I have to say, the look and feel of this site are SO much more appealing to me than Online Reputation Edge. The fuzzy photo and somewhat unfriendly layout just doesn’t do it for me. THIS site I like though. Thanks for the great articles! One of them will be tweeted out on my account tomorrow morning ;)

  • GeorgeG @ Web Design Proposal

    I can see it now —-> ORMM (Online Reputation Management Manager.)

    …’s only a matter of time